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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the program? 
  • The Primary MRI Program is 16 months in length (4 semesters).
  • When does the program begin?
  • The program begins in late August each year.
  • What are the program pre-requisites?
  • The prerequisites are Anatomy & Physiology I and II and Medical Terminology.
  • How do you select the clinical sites a student will be attending?
  • Each student attends two (2) hospital clinical sites which are chosen by a lottery.  
  • Do students attend Family Health Centers for clinical rotations?
  • Students may also rotate through Family Health Center outpatient imaging departments.
  • What is the deadline for application?
  • The program application, application fee, and all college transcripts must be submitted by February 1st of each year for the program beginning the following August.
  • What is the acceptance process?
  • Prospective students participate in a behavior based interview used to assess communication and critical thinking skills. This interview is evaluated by a point system. Total points assigned to a student include points from the interview, high school and college GPA, and science and math courses taken with a grade of C or better. The students with the highest scores are accepted into the program.
  • Do I need a college degree to get accepted into the program?
  • Yes, you need at a minimum an associate's degree, but it does not have to be specific to imaging. 
  • What is the time commitment for successful completion of the program?
  • Students should expect a very full schedule with either class or clinical Monday through Friday 7.5 hours (day shift) plus drive time. 
  • Do you have a weekend or evening program?
  • No we do not.


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