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Program Health Requirements

The Cleveland Clinic School of Diagnostic Imaging recognizes that personal health maintenance is important and it is the responsibility of the individual students to follow the required process to ensure that they are medically cleared to participate in the clinical experience. The School of Diagnostic Imaging follows the CDC Guidelines for Adult Immunization. Students are responsible for submitting required paperwork to the program officials by the specified deadlines or they will not be permitted to attend clinical experience until the requirements are met. Students are further responsible for any cost incurred to become medically cleared for clinical experience.

Listed below are the program health requirements:

§   Physical exam form signed by a Physician (MD), Certified Nurse Practitioner (CNP) or Physician’s Assistant (PA) performed within the last 12 months.

§   Documented immunity status for the following childhood diseases:

§   Rubella

§   Rubeola

§   Varicella

§   Two doses of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine.

§   Tuberculosis testing within 3 months of program start date, then annually thereafter.

§   Annual influenza vaccine.

§   A completed MRI screening form (this is done at the school).

Please Note: Hepatitis B Vaccine is not required, but highly suggested due to the possible exposure to blood and body fluids. Tetanus Diphtheria booster is recommended if it has been more than 7 years.

For more information please see the Health Requirements Policy in the CT/MRI  Program Policy and Procedure Manual or contact Halley Majersky at 216-692-7523 or [email protected] 


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