Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program:


*How long is the program? 

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program is 21 months in length / 5 semesters.


*When does the program begin?

The program begins in late August each year.


*What are the program pre-requisites?

The prerequisites are college credit: Medical Terminology, Anatomy & Physiology I & II (taken within the last 10 years), Math (Program Manager discretion), Physics (Program Manager discretion), and Communications.


*How do you select the clinical sites a student will be attending?

Each student attends two (2) hospital clinical sites which are chosen by a lottery.  


*Do students attend Family Health Centers for clinical rotations?

Students also rotate through Family Health Center outpatient imaging departments.


*What is the deadline for application?

The program application, application fee, and all college transcripts must be submitted by February 1st of each year for the program beginning the following August.


*What is the acceptance process?

Prospective students participate in a behavior based interview used to assess communication and critical thinking skills. This interview is evaluated by a point system. Total points assigned to a student include points from the interview, high school and college GPA, and science and math courses taken with a grade of C or better. The students with the highest scores are accepted into the program.


*Do I need a college degree to get accepted into the program?

No you do not.


*Do your classes transfer to other colleges for my degree?

No they do not.


*What is the time commitment for successful completion of the program?

Students should expect a very full schedule with either class or clinical M-F 7.5 hours (day shift) plus drive time. 


*Do you have a weekend or evening program?

No we do not.


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