Non-Employee VIP Info



As part of Cleveland Clinic’s care affordability initiatives, as of December 1, 2013, a usage fee of $68.00 per non-employee will be charged for remote access.  This is a One-Time fee.

  • The non-employee's Cleveland Clinic department representative provides accurate cost center information when placing a request for their non-employee.
  • ITD Security will charge the Cleveland Clinic department initially and that cost should then be passed on to the non-employee.  
  • ITD Security will submit department and cost center information to ITD Finance at the end of every month.
  • ITD Finance will apply the $68.00 fee to the sponsoring department’s cost center.  ITD Finance processes these quarterly.
  • The sponsor should then charge the vendor to make up that cost.
  • This is a usage fee.  There are no refunds.
  • Non-employees with existing remote access will not be charged for renewals.