Remote Access Help

Do you need help with Remote Access?  Click the image below to visit the help section of our website.


 If you need immediate assistance, please contact the Help Desk at 216-444-HELP.  If you have a general question, you may find your answer under the Help tab on this site, or you may send an email to to receive a response within one business day.


Using Email With Remote Access
Non-CCF managed devices will use Outlook Web Access (OWA) to process email.  CCF-managed devices will continue to use Enterprise Outlook.  

OWA does not allow attachments from network folders and will be restricted to local files only.  This is a licensing, security, and compliance requirement.


Remote Access Tip
To access MyPractice from one of the remote access portals, you will need to use the Enterprise Published Application.  Going to the Intranet to connect to Epic does not work when using remote access.