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Library Account Registration - Main + FHC

Instructions (White Employee ID Badge):

1. Complete this form.
2. Take a picture of your ID badge with your phone/tablet and email it to [email protected], OR FAX to: 216.444.0271.
3. We must have a copy of your Employee ID badge & this form to create a Library Account.
4. You will receive an email when your Library Account has been set up. 

Benefits of a Library Account:

1. Borrow items from the Alumni Library.
2. Use library resources off-campus.

I agree to the following Library policies by completing this form:

1.  I will return or renew all materials checked out to me by the date they are due.
2.  I will pay for lost items.
3.  I will pay overdue fines or bills for items returned late.
4.  I will contact the Library to update my registration information if it changes.
5.  I will checkout with the Library when I am no longer employed by the Cleveland Clinic.

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Please complete the entire form.  Required fields marked with **.

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STEP 1: Email a picture of your Cleveland Clinic ID badge to [email protected] NOW!

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STEP2: Complete the self-registration form.

Your account won't work until both steps have been completed.