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Tuition/Financial Aid

Entrance and Exit Counseling

Entrance Counseling

All borrowers need to fully understand the commitment they are making before accepting a loan.

If you will receive federal Stafford loan funds, you must participate in entrance counseling before any loan proceeds are applied to your tuition account. You are required to complete online counseling that covers these topics: 



  • Loan Terms
  • Borrower Rights and Responsibilities
  • Deferment Options
  • Consequences of Failure to Repay Loans 


Exit Counseling 

The Financial Aid Office is required by law to conduct exit interviews for all Stafford and alternative loan borrowers before they graduate. Exit interviews are in March. The purpose is to ascertain and assure your understanding of your responsibilities as the in-school period of the loan draws to a close. The school must alert lenders that you have left school and provide certain information (e.g., address) for future communication between you and the lender.