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What Our Students are Saying 


Hear more about what our students have to say about their experience here.



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Biggest surprise about the Lerner College
From the student portfolio to adapting to a new style of learning, our students share what surprised them the most about attending medical school here.
Preparing for medical school
Get advice about how you might prepare for attending medical school.
Lerner College culture
The Lerner College isn’t like most other medical programs. Find out what’s different – and learn if our culture is right for you.
How these students ended up at the Lerner College
Our students come from various places and walks of life. Hear why they chose CCLCM.
Academic life
Find out what an ordinary week looks like and what it’s like to study medicine here.
Portfolio system
The portfolio-based assessment system is arguably the most unique aspect of the Lerner College. Find out how our students adapted and how they feel about the system.
Problem-based learning
Discover how the Lerner College uses problem-based learning and peer teaching rather than lectures and exams.
Connection with Case Western Reserve University
Because the CCLCM program is accredited through Case, all CCLCM students are also students of Case. Hear what the other similarities are between the two student groups as well as how they differ.
No lectures, grades or class ranking?!
Though quite foreign to nearly all students everywhere, this approach encourages teamwork and self-directed learning.
Business of healthcare
To be a successful physician today, you not only need medical training, but you also need business acumen.
Research curriculum
Students who come to the Lerner College have a deep-rooted interest in research. Find out what the research curriculum looks like and hear about the research some of our students are involved in.
Last words of advice
From tremendous personal and professional growth to what a typical student looks like, hear what our students felt was an important takeaway for prospective students.
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