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Hear more about what our students have to say about their experience here.



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Program faculty support
Faculty support is one of the key elements for success in any medical training program. Hear examples of how Lerner College faculty and administrators make themselves available to students, from the admissions process to well beyond.
Will I learn enough here?
Because there are no grades, lectures, exams or class rankings, many students ask how on Earth they’ll learn to become a physician investigator.
Student’s role in patient care
Our students are involved in patient care from the start. Find out what their role is and how they view this unique aspect of their training.
Opportunities for extracurricular activities
Learn about the various extracurricular opportunities, from athletics to the annual Doc Opera show, available to our students.
What kind of student is successful in this program?
Find out if you have what it takes to succeed at the Lerner College of Medicine.
Opportunities for committee involvement

Learn about the various opportunities for committee involvement at the Lerner College as well as opportunities within national student organizations.

Opportunities for clerkships
Hear how students view this crucial part of medical school training and some examples of their experiences
Will I have a life?
Hear what our students have to say about free time, socializing and even raising a family while in medical school.
Medical humanities component
An integral part of the curriculum, medical humanities helps teach students to become more empathic, ethical physicians through various creative and thought-provoking projects.
Admissions and interviewing tips
Although there’s no secret recipe for getting accepted into the Lerner College, our students have some wisdom to share.
Cleveland Clinic culture
Hear what it’s like to work and study at Cleveland Clinic.
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