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Student Life

Students have the chance to travel to Peru to participate in the annual Peru Health Outreach Project.
Student life at CCLCM is not an oxymoron: While our students are busy learning to become physician investigators, they round out their medical school experience with activities inside and outside the college. 

Hear what our students have to say about extracurricular activities.

Many students involve themselves in academic and social groups, from the Student National Medical Association to the Internal Medicine Special Interest Group. Working on the Community Health Initiative and the Peru Health Outreach Project allows students to offer firsthand help to medically underserved people. And participating in the annual Doc Opera show gives students a chance to stretch their creative muscles while raising money for Cleveland’s Free Clinic.


Other important aspects of student life at CCLCM include: 


Diversity and Inclusion

The office of Diversity and Inclusion supports multicultural events to celebrate the richness of our student body. Monthly diversity dinners explore cultural heritages through culinary delights and student presentations on various ethnicities, races, religions, lifestyles, gender preferences and more.  In an informal setting, students learn to be sensitive to the care of patients from diverse backgrounds, celebrate differences and appreciate unique needs to achieve equity in healthcare.

As our Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Monica Yepes-Rios, MD, works with the Office of the Dean to set strategic plans to maintain a diverse student body, a welcoming learning environment for all students, mentoring resources, an inclusive curriculum to represent diverse patient populations and culturally sensitive care towards achieving health equity.


As Associate Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Jazmine Sutton, MD (’12), is responsible for the recruitment of underrepresented minorities in medicine to enrich our student body.  In addition, she works with current students to connect with mentors and career advisors, support students through medical school and with securing residency positions, and encourage student involvement in various enterprise and community activities.  Dr. Sutton also supports Dr. Yepes-Rios in efforts to strengthen the inclusiveness of the curriculum for students and faculty.

Please contact our office at 216.444.2414 with any questions.


The Cleveland Clinic campus offers numerous dining options, including a cafeteria in the HEC, where CCLCM is located. Subway, Au Bon Pain, and Starbucks have locations on campus. A variety of restaurants are located in the neighborhood surrounding CWRU and Cleveland Clinic.

Student Lounge

Students have their own lounge available 24 hours a day. Amenities include:
  • Kitchenette with a 2 microwaves, a refrigerator and free coffee machine
  • Student mailboxes and bulletin board
  • TV/VCR, ping pong table
  • Comfortable seating and table for gathering
  • Computers, printer, and copier

Athletic Facilities

The Fitness Center in the Walker Building on the Cleveland Clinic main campus offers a variety of amenities and activities at an affordable membership rate. 

A variety of physical fitness amenities and activities, from swimming and Nautilus to squash and fencing, are available at CWRU free of charge.

A private athletic club, One To One Fitness Center, is located on the CWRU campus on Adelbert Road.

Living in Cleveland

Living in Cleveland is better than ever, particularly if you’re a foodie. Cleveland is home to several top chef restaurants as well as numerous ethnic and independent establishments.  A full menu of nightlife activities, major league sporting, and cultural events, and recreational activities throughout the area enriches the lives of our students.

Cleveland Clinic and CWRU are close to University Circle, which offers a myriad of opportunities for living, culture, entertainment and dining. Cleveland Museum of Art, The Cleveland Historical Society, Severance Hall(home of The Cleveland Orchestra, The Cleveland Institute of Music, The Cleveland Natural History Museum, Botanical Gardens, and others.


For housing options in Cleveland, visit: