December Wellness Grand Rounds: Thyroid Disease, Are You at Risk?

Join us for December's Wellness Grand Rounds, "Thyroid Disease, Are You at Risk?" presented by Joseph Scharpf, MD, of the Head & Neck Institute. Following the presentation, participants will be able to identify the functions and importance of the thyroid, describe warning signs of thyroid disease, and discuss types of thyroid disease and their treatments. Visit the Wellness Grand Rounds page for more information or to view a live stream of the presentation. 

Shop the Wellness Store's Holiday Gift Catalog

Shop the Cleveland Clinic Wellness holiday gift catalog to find wellness gifts and healthy recipes. With free shipping on orders $40 or more, and a special 25-percent-off discount valid through Dec. 31, shopping is easy and affordable. Products range from $5 stocking stuffers to fitness gifts for your active co-workers. View this year’s holiday catalog and visit to shop online. Questions? Call 1.888.820.3605.

The Transformative Power of Lifestyle Changes with Dean Ornish, MD

Dean Ornish, MD, will be presenting "The Transformative Power of Lifestyle Changes" on Monday, December 1 at 6:00p in Bunts Auditorium on Main Campus. During the presentation, Dr. Ornish will describe evidence from randomized controlled trials that comprehensive lifestyle changes may reverse the progression of even severe coronary heart disease, describe evidence that comprehensive lifestyle changes may beneficially affect gene
expression in over 500 genes in only three months, and describe effective strategies for motivating people to make comprehensive lifestyle changes in order to achieve 85-90% adherence after one year
. Click here to view the flyer for this event. 


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