Wellness Grand Rounds: How Full is Your Bucket?

Join us on Wednesday, November 12 at noon for this month's Wellness Grand Rounds. "How Full is Your Bucket?" will be presented by Joan Kowalcyzk, RN, of Occupational Health. Following the presentation, participants will be able to describe the impact of our emotions on ourselves and others, explore strategies to increase positive emotions, and discuss the impact of a single encounter. For more information or to view a live stream of the presentation, visit our Wellness Grand Rounds page

Cleveland Food Day Festival

Join us on October 24 from 4:00-6:00p at the Lyndhurst Campus for Cleveland Food Day Festival hosted by Brigid Titgemeier, Employee Wellness, and the Center for Functional Medicine. In addition to speakers Mark Hyman, MD, Jane Esselstyn, and Anna Harouvis, there will be local food vendors. A celebration of real, fresh food and a healthy Cleveland community! Click here for more information. 

Fall Basketball Tournament

The Fall 2014 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament will take place on Saturday, November 8 at 9:00a in the Walker Fitness Center Gymnasium. The games will be half-court and refereed by certified referees. A grand prize will be awarded to the champions. Visit the Basketball Tournament page for details and to register your team by October 31. Space is limited! 



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