Caregiver Engagement

How We Engage

Engagement at Cleveland Clinic extends beyond a single program to become a culture that guides our interactions with one another, our patients and our communities. Caregiver feedback is sought through various channels including surveys, weekly polls and team huddles. In 2016, nearly 36,000 caregivers attended town hall meetings for open dialogue with department managers. Actions and improvements based on the feedback received are applied to engagement activities across the organization.

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Caregiver Celebrations

Care Giver Celebrations

Caregiver Celebration awards feature four ascending recognition tiers. The awards range from simple, on-the-spot, non-monetary e-certificates of Appreciation, to Honors monetary awards given by managers to recognize the outstanding behaviors of their teams, to quarterly Excellence recognitions presented at the institute/division/hospital level, to the top tier Caregiver Award given to the top 50 nominated individuals and teams, who receive $1,000. Of these 50, one individual and one team are selected to receive the CEO award of $10,000.

Recipient Highlights

The sixth annual Caregiver Award banquet took place in June, 2016 at the InterContinental Hotel and Conference Center with over 370 in attendance. The event was hosted to recognize caregivers who achieved the Caregiver Award, the highest honor in the Caregiver Celebrations program. Recipients were honored for outstanding contributions and modeling of our core values of quality, innovation, teamwork, service, integrity and compassion.

CEO Team Award for Quality: Facilities Compliance

CEO Award for Compassion

The Facilities Compliance Team developed a focused program with the goal of reducing the risk of direct impact findings by the Joint Commission at 11 hospitals, and 14 ambulatory surgery centers in 3 states and 3 countries. Through mock surveys, the team identified the top 5 findings in 2014 that accounted for 87% of direct impacts. They then developed training programs, policies and procedures that addressed the root cause of deficiencies. In 2015, the team saw a 41% reduction in the top 5 direct impact standards, which is a huge reduction in regulatory risk. In 2015, four Joint Commission Surveys (Euclid, Fairview, Lutheran and South Pointe) had zero direct impact findings, which was incredible. The team also successfully replaced the life and safety environment of consultants for facilities which saved Cleveland Clinic $1.5 M.


CEO Individual Award for Compassion: Pamela Sutter, RN, Clinical Transformation

Award for Compassion

Pam was caring for a couple whose husband shared that his wife recently had a massive stroke. The husband was extremely depressed since his wife was the main caretaker in the home and was now in a nursing rehabilitation facility. Pam collaborated with the social worker, the admissions office in the nursing home, and the physicians to get the husband and wife both approved for Medicaid so they could be together in the same nursing home.

Pam contacted the husband the following day to inform him of the good news and to check his status. He admitted he was suicidal and had a gun in the home. Pam compassionately persuaded him to allow the police and ambulance to bring him to the hospital to get the care he desperately needed. Pam informed the police and physician team of the plan. The patient was safely transported to the emergency room and was admitted. Without Pam’s intervention, the outcome could have been very different. Her professionalism and nursing excellence contributed to saving the husband’s life.


EcoCaregiver ™

The EcoCaregiver™ employee engagement program was designed to build a culture of sustainability within Cleveland Clinic to reduce cost, waste and emissions while providing the highest quality medical care. In 2014, we launched an enterprise wide EcoCaregiver™ Training: Energy Savings & You. This mandatory training on energy demand management is required for all caregivers and continued throughout 2016. Nine months post-launch, more than 50,000 caregivers across the enterprise have completed the training. This 15-minute module will be updated and reassigned annually for all caregivers, including staff. It reinforces an organizational expectation for an environment of energy conversation and emphasizes the importance of individual caregiver contribution to our energy demand reduction goals. In addition to the training, we have developed a robust communications campaign to prompt desired workplace behaviors.

Caring for Caregivers

Cleveland Clinic's biggest investment is in people. Hear the personal testimonials of caregivers as they discuss the experience of being a Cleveland Clinic employee.

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Caregiver Celebrations Facts

Program Inception: 2010
Addition of Patient Recognition Awards: 2012
Caregiver Celebrations Received
since 2010:
1.1 Million
Patient Recognition Awards Received since 2012: 57,817
Miscellaneous Recognitions: 3,782

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