Care Transformation

The U.S. healthcare system is in the midst of an unprecedented transformation. We continue to draw upon our deep capabilities and spirit of innovation to lead the field in creating a model of healthcare for the future. Some of the most perplexing issues can be solved by answering the simple question: What is best for the patient? Our mission is to provide better access, quality, and affordability to all of our patients. Here is how we are working to achieve this goal:

Research & Innovation

Research and Innovation

Over the past 13 years, Cleveland Clinic has held a Medical Innovation Summit. The Medical Innovation Summit reflects Cleveland Clinic’s longstanding commitment to innovation in healthcare. Each year, it offers thought-provoking panels, one-on-one discussions with influential CEOs, and discovery of market-ready technologies. Many in our field consider the Medical Innovation Summit to be the single essential meeting for innovation and technology at the leading edge. Each Summit has raised the understanding of new technology, its potential as medical products and established a meeting ground for innovation leaders worldwide to engage each other.

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Care Paths

Care paths are multidisciplinary plans of care that limit variation in care and optimize outcomes. Providers base treatment on documented evidence or shared experience to deliver consistent value for a patient or population of patients.

The care path initiative focuses on three main objectives:

  • Standardizing physician clinical management with a focus on value-based, patient-centered care
  • Integrating work flows and algorithms into the electronic medical record when appropriate
  • Tracking patient-reported outcomes to improve care quality

We currently have 95 care paths in development, and 35 undergoing operational pilots. Our Complete Care Program is a team approach that includes the patient, the surgeon and a Specialty Care Coordinator. This bundled treatment plan along with a bundled payment plan provides efficient care for the patient

Care Coordination

Care Coordination

Every patient deserves the same safe, quality care at every encounter. Care coordination is a patient-centered, provider-driven, collaborative approach to cost-efficient healthcare delivery. Care coordinators provide high-risk patients with support to help them meet their clinical goals and achieve better outcomes. In the new value-based healthcare model, our caregivers work to help these patients achieve optimal health.

Distance Health

Distance Health

Technology is transforming where and how we practice medicine. Through distance health, Cleveland Clinic is bringing our care to more patients in more locations. We increased our telemedicine presence and opened more urgent care walk-in clinics throughout our community. Our efforts to enhance accessibility allowed us to see a record 6.6 million outpatient visits in 2015. Additionally, the number one ranked medical innovation of 2015 was the Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit. This high-tech ambulance brings the emergency department directly to the patient with stroke symptoms

Patient-Centered Medical Home

Patient Centered

A patient-centered medical home might sound like a place or somewhere you would go, but it is not. It is a long-term, team-based approach for your primary healthcare. Patients are engaged with their care team across the continuum and have a direct relationship with their provider who coordinates a team of caregivers and arranges appropriate treatment as needed.

In 2013, the Joint Commission’s surveyors evaluated us on how effectively primary care clinicians and interdisciplinary teams work in partnership with patients to provide comprehensive, coordinated and patient-centered care. The Primary Care Medical Home certification was launched for hospitals in February 2013 to help improve outcomes, reduce healthcare costs and ensure patients receive timely and appropriate treatment. As an outcome of The Joint Commission’s survey, 39 Medicine Institute practices at 29 sites — involving 230 primary care physicians and advanced practice nurses — received Primary Care Medical Home certification at Cleveland Clinic.

Medical homes exist at our Family Health Centers and on our main campus.

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Sones Innovation Award

In 2015, Dr. Phillip Schauer received the Sones Innovation Award for his work with bariatric surgery and diabetes. He was able to improve and even reverse diabetes in several of his patients.

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Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit

“Yesterday our founders innovated for today. Today we must innovate for tomorrow.”

—Dr. Toby Cosgrove, Cleveland Clinic President and CEO