Responsible Procurement

Our Supply Chain Management department is responsible for taking into consideration our environmentally preferred purchasing policy when contracting items for the enterprise. Initiatives include minimizing waste and packaging, increasing fuel economy, reducing hazardous waste and bioaccumulative toxins (PBTs), and increasing energy efficiency and air quality.

Excelerate™ Group Purchasing

Excelerate Strategic Health Sourcing

Excelerate is a provider-led, physician engaged joint venture between Cleveland Clinic health system and Vizient that delivers significant and sustainable savings to healthcare organizations. It enables members to achieve rapid and significant cost improvements through physician and clinical integration within high-cost service lines.

Excelerate uses data-driven decisions targeting quality and clinically relevant outcome-based sourcing while providing peer-to-peer collaboration that drives clinical alignment, leading evidence based products and utilization practices. Excelerate’s mission is to deliver significant and sustainable savings to healthcare organizations through a physician-engagement sourcing model.

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Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Pledge

In 2015, we signed Practice Greenhealth’s environmentally preferred purchasing (EPP) pledge. As part of their Greening the Supply Chain Initiative, they encourage organizations to purchase products based on their environmentally preferable attributes which minimize potential harm to patients and the environment.

A critical element of the initiative is the release of the Standardized Environmental Questions for Medical Products, which guides the identification, selection, and procurement of environmentally preferable medical products.

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Sustainability Requirements

We are committed to leading the healthcare sector in redesigning a more sustainable future. Sustainability language is embedded into our requested proposals, and we ask our supply chain partners to disclose their sustainability initiatives and progress. Our commitment to reducing our energy use intensity, increasing our landfill diversion, selecting non-hazardous alternatives to conventional products, and promoting efficient transport and green cleaning shapes these guidelines. Our suppliers are required to provide sustainability data if requested to help us continue to reach our goals.

Strategic Sourcing

We convene a strategic sourcing table on a monthly basis to review the environmental attributes of procurement contracts coming through for consideration. In 2015, successes included the purchasing of high-efficiency, ultra-low temperature freezers, packing and shipping reductions for multiple vendors and increasing energy efficiency on Med Gas contracts, ENERGYSTAR and Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) IT contracts, and kitchen recapture projects.

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Watch Cleveland Clinic’s Chief of Operations, Bill Peacock, discuss the opportunities Excelerate provides.

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