Innovative Leadership

Global Leadership

This report, Serving Our Present, Caring for Our Future, is a unique hybrid report that describes how our health system addresses labor, human rights and environmental issues in rich detail. It includes key successes and challenges and transparently reports our progress in a manner that forms a key pillar of our best practice sharing. This endeavor requires a significant investment of time and resources. We are pleased to see others begin to adopt this comprehensive model of reporting.

Sector Leadership

Environmental Excellence Award

Cleveland Clinic is a member of Practice Greenhealth, the nation’s leading healthcare community that empowers its members to increase their efficiencies and environmental stewardship while improving patient safety and care through tools, best practices and knowledge. In 2016, Cleveland Clinic’s main campus and Marymount Hospital were ranked in the Top-25 for environmental excellence among hospitals in the nation by Practice Greenhealth.

Practice Greenhealth Award

Cleveland Clinic also received the top Greening the OR Leadership award for our sustainability efforts in our operating rooms. This competitive award recognizes the top facility applicant or health system for their progress in reducing the environmental impact of the surgical environment. Additionally, we were ranked in the Top-10 in the nation for the following categories: Leadership, Chemicals, Environmentally Preferred Purchasing, Climate, and Green Building.

Our PGH membership represents a pillar of information-sharing. Through this annual awards process we share information, best practices and innovations. We are active contributors, thought partners and users of this system. As a benefit of our membership, all Cleveland Clinic employees are entitled to Practice Greenhealth’s tools and resources, including a robust webinar series that are available live or via online archive.

Federal Engagement

When the White House, Environmental Protection Agency and Surgeon General wanted to explore the effects of climate change on health, they reached out to nationally recognized experts in a variety of fields. Our own Sumita Khatri, co-director of the Asthma Center, represented the voice of the physician, and ultimately the patient.

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Energy Star Award 2016

ENERGY STAR is the Environmental Protection Agency’s voluntary program to help businesses, organizations and individuals save money and protect the climate through better energy efficiency. In April 2016, Cleveland Clinic was honored as ENERGYSTAR’s Partner of the Year for the work our caregivers achieved in 2015.

Cleveland Clinic has committed to partnering with ENERGYSTAR. We track and benchmark utility use across our portfolio using ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager, a free software program available for tracking energy usage and cost. All facility managers have access to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager where they are encouraged to review the building characteristics and details, along with monthly energy use. They have access to a specialized Cleveland Clinic EUI Template in the reporting feature that allows them to easily track their performance since 2010.

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better building challenge

Cleveland Clinic also participates in the DOE's Better Buildings Challenge as a Corporate Partner. Results are shared publically every six months and Cleveland Clinic hospitals and entire healthcare system are benchmarked against other like-facilities. Leading up to each six month benchmark, data is tracked and reviewed internally by our Office for a Healthy Environment and Buildings and Properties Departments, along with our facility managers and CBRE, our real estate management company. Our Better Building Challenge commitment ensures that we make transparent progress towards our 20% reduction goal and allows us to learn what other healthcare systems and other industries are doing within this construct.

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State Leadership

2015 OHA Energy Cup

We present our programs and share our experiences at the Ohio Hospital Association’s biannual Energy Cup meetings. Cleveland Clinic also works with Ohio Hospital Association to benchmark hospitals and medical buildings and offices, as well as to participate in the OHA Energy Cup challenge to reduce annual energy usage.

The OHA Energy Cup is a competition in which over 100 Ohio hospitals and healthcare buildings race to reduce energy use and limit greenhouse gas emissions. Competitors use their own initiatives to reduce energy consumption. These reductions help save costs and promote a clean environment by reducing emissions. A cleaner environment means healthier lives for those in the local community and across Ohio.

In 2016, four of our hospitals were recognized for their 2015 energy achievements and Medina Hospital was recognized for having the largest year-over-year Energy Use Index decline for a large hospital at over 14%.

Local Leadership

Sustainable Cleveland 2019 is a 10-year initiative started by the City of Cleveland to develop a thriving and resilient community. In 2019, the Northeast Ohio region will recognize the 50th anniversary of Cleveland's burning river, in recognition of the incredible progress that we have and will have made in such a short timeframe. Cleveland Clinic is proud to participate in many of the SC2019 summits that generate solutions to some of our city’s environmental challenges. Our internal goals will also be shaped by the desire to accelerate progress as we approach this landmark date. As a result, our program will increasingly be engaged in civic dialogue and innovation.

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Cleveland Clinic’s Office for a Healthy Environment helped shape the City of Cleveland’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 80% from 2010 to 2050 and helped to develop the 33 actions outlined in the Community Action Plan to achieve this goal.

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Enterprise Leadership

The Office for a Healthy Environment is the keeper of best practices and driver of sustainability strategy for the enterprise. We are leaders in thought, word and action as we create a sustainable future for our industry. We use a variety of leadership platforms to broadcast our message to more than 49,000 caregivers. We benchmark energy, waste, water, engagement, transportation and transparency metrics across the top hospital and healthcare system performers in the U.S. We use this benchmarking tool as a means to guide our own efforts.

Our green teams drive execution at a local level across the health system. Leadership is distributed to each facility where green teams convene monthly to track execution of key programs. New initiatives are introduced and driven during our monthly system-green team webcast meetings. Our sustainability scorecard distills key programs and metrics that are pushed out to regional hospitals and family health center CEO/COOs through a regional integration process. Tracking facility performance against peers in the in the health system has been a key motivator.

Lastly, our facilities managers drive implementation at a local level across the health system. Facilities Management drives the adoption of energy intensity reduction through a competition rewarding the hospitals, family health centers and administrative facilities that achieve the highest reduction in EUI.

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