Workplace Wellness

In support of our caregivers, we offer:


Free use of on-site fitness centers, free memberships at Curves and discounts at area fitness clubs. Free group exercise classes offer a wide variety of classes for all levels ranging from high-intensity to low-impact, yoga or aquatics. Get energized, stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals with our Group Exercise Program


Employees have access to free nutrition counseling and Weight Watchers memberships. Go!Foods is a program designed to inform our caregivers and patients about the healthiest options available in our cafeterias. The Go! Logo on a product indicates nutritious foods that follow Cleveland Clinic’s healthy-eating guidelines. To encourage a healthy diet, foods with trans-fats and sugared drinks are no longer offered by Cleveland Clinic cafeterias or vending machines. In addition, calories are listed for all prepared food items in our cafeterias and, to the extent possible, by our retail vendors.

Gentle Yoga

Cleveland Clinic Yoga is unique because it is a stress management tool that can be used as a part of your overall wellness program, it is “user-friendly” and offered in an environment that emphasizes comfort, safety and respect for all who attend, the traditional postures of yoga have been broken down to their simplest form so they can be done by anyone. We offer 25 yoga classes throughout the Cleveland Clinic Health System.

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Wellness Champions

The Wellness Champion Program acts as an extension of our Employee Wellness team and is a collaborative effort of caregivers across the Cleveland Clinic network who lead by example through their enthusiastic commitment to wellness. Wellness Champions help to support the efforts of Employee Wellness by providing resources, information and healthy opportunities to their fellow caregivers.

Wellness Champions help to carry out wellness initiatives by overseeing and developing programs within their work sites. They serve as a contact person for their area facilitating events with the assistance of other Wellness Champions and Employee Wellness. Wellness Champions also act as a driver for building a culture of health and encouraging participation in wellness programs.

Assistance Counselors

We offer our caregivers free and confidential access to short-term assistance counselors, confidential assistance programs like CONCERN, and referrals for longer-term treatment.

Healthy U

Healthy U was designed by Dr. Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer at Cleveland Clinic, and provides access to online programs with healthy food guidelines, sleep hygiene and stress management.

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Tobacco Cessation Program

Cleveland Clinic was one of the first healthcare organizations to ban smoking on our campuses, as well as implement a policy to refrain from hiring individuals who use tobacco products. Free tobacco cessation programs are made available to current caregivers who smoke and desire to quit and improve their health.

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Educational Programs

Cleveland Clinic caregivers have access to programs such as Wellness Grand Rounds, a bi-monthly, one-hour presentation given by an expert in the field of wellness. Patients and caregivers are encouraged to attend the Wellness Connection, a monthly half hour presentation by various wellness professionals. We also offer FitTalk which is a monthly fitness-related presentation given by a Cleveland Clinic Fitness specialist.

Center for Integrative Medicine

Cleveland Clinic's Center for Integrative Medicine offers caregiver discounts on their services and treatment options to improve overall health and well-being.

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Art Therapy

Arts & Medicine offers free art therapy activities to caregivers, patients and their families. Art therapy can help decrease pain and anxiety, improve coping skills and attention span, assist with rehabilitation and enhance self-esteem and relaxation.

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In its first two years, over 2,100 cyclists from 28 states rode in the one- or two-day cycling event, covering more than 118,000 miles and raising nearly $5 million for cancer research at Cleveland Clinic.

Enrollment in Health Plan

Designed for caregivers with chronic illnesses like diabetes or asthma, enrollment rates demonstrate a commitment to healthy choices.

Health Essentials

Visit our Health Essentials website for medical, health, and wellness news, videos, recipes and more from Cleveland Clinic’s experts, designed to help people make quality decisions about their lifestyles.

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