Caregiver Demographics Data

In 2015, Cleveland Clinic employed 44,142 caregivers and 94% were employed within Northeast Ohio. From across the U.S. 74% of all caregivers are women, 26% of all caregivers are men, 82% of all U.S. caregivers are full time,18% of U.S. caregivers are part time employees and approximately 0.44% of our caregivers are part of a union. In late 2015, Cleveland Clinic joined with Akron General Health System increasing our caregiver total to 49,166.

Cleveland Clinic recruits and hires extensively from our local talent. Our talent acquisition department attends career and job fairs at local high schools, universities, colleges and community organizations. We advertise online and in local newspapers and journals.

2015 Employee Counts by Ethnicity*

2015 Employee Counts By Ethnicity

*Caregiver totals do not include Akron General

2015 Employee Counts and Turnover by Gender and Region*

2015 Employee Counts by Region

  Florida Nevada Ohio
All Employees 2,607 122 41,413
Female 1,916 92 30,535
Male 691 30 10,878
New Hires 741 42 7227
Turnover 472 29 5748

*Caregiver totals do not include Akron General

2015 Employee Counts and Turnover by Age Group and Gender*

2015 Employee Counts by Age Group

  Age Group
  <30 30 – 50 >50
All Employees 8,489 21,612 14,041
Female 6,423 15,670 10,450
Male 2,066 5,942 3,591
New Hires 3,981 3,218 811
Turnover 1,830 2,941 1,478
Female Turnover 1,370 1,995 1,098
Male Turnover 460 946 380

*Caregiver totals do not include Akron General

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We are committed to our communities. Over 94% of Cleveland Clinic employees live and work in the Northeast Ohio region.

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