Cleveland Clinic supports healthy environments for healthy communities.

Matthew Davis, MD is one of Cleveland Clinic’s Sustainability Champions and a General Surgery and Digestive Disease Institute resident. Among other projects, Dr. Davis and his peers spearheaded waterless surgical scrub research in Cleveland Clinic’s ORs in 2013. “As a Great Lakes community,” he notes, “we are charged with protecting the majority of the world’s fresh water and should act appropriately."
We understand that environmental health and human health are linked and that we have a responsibility to take a precautionary approach to environmental stewardship through our operations and a leadership position throughout our communities. 

“Speaking as CFO, if done right, [sustainability efforts] could have good financial results for an organization…We make sure that we are mindful of the environment and utilizing resources that could reduce waste, our footprint and costs.  Sometimes it requires investments.  For example, we changed out our lighting systems and HVAC systems, but those have also allowed us to continue to reduce our energy consumption.  If you have a good sustainability program, you can translate that into good, sustainable financial results.”
 -Steve Glass, CFO

Greening the OR

Cleveland Clinic is committed to mitigating the intensity with which its ORs consume resources. 

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"Lights Out"

Activities like our “Lights Out” campaign engage caregivers in sustainability activities.

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