How We Engage

Our engagement program involves collaboration with the Global Leadership and Learning Institute to develop tools and resources for Managers and Caregivers. In addition, we partner with Employee Resource Groups and Diversity Councils to create awareness and foster knowledge of the survey, and encourage caregivers to Be Heard.

Engagement with Dr. Cosgrove

Dr. Cosgrove Engaging

Toby Cosgrove, MD, CEO and President of Cleveland Clinic, engages caregivers through quarterly Connection addresses, where he reviews the work of our clinical staff, operations, education and research teams to highlight our biggest successes and opportunities as a healthcare system.


Caregivers contribute to MyTwoCents, an online forum to provide feedback and make suggestions for improvements. Since 2010, more than 6,000 ideas have been submitted, with over 800 caregiver ideas being implemented. These submissions have realized over $2.5 million in savings, with projected future additional savings of nearly $3.5 million.

In 2016, over 4,500 participants from throughout the enterprise participated in more than 150 projects.

Leadership Rounding

Leadership from around the organization partake in a monthly leadership rounding program to improve patient care, support engagement and recognize caregivers. All leaders gather together at the start of each rounding session before breaking into assigned teams on designated areas for approximately 75 minutes. Following the break out, leaders reconvene to share patient and caregiver stories.

Caregiver Experience Survey

Press Ganey has administered our patient experience surveys for several years, so we transitioned to them for our combined caregiver engagement and culture of safety surveys as well. This approach better aligns results to the patient experience and improves patient care.

The streamlined survey approach reduced survey fatigue and identified system-wide drivers of engagement to help focus our efforts while helping us to determine engagement levels across our clinical and non-clinical caregiver population. Now, more than ever, the enterprise connects the dots between safety, engagement and patient satisfaction.

From Cancer Treatment to Caregiver

Theresa Cotton knows the impact healthcare workers have on patients is real. That’s because she was a patient here. And after years of treatment for her cancer at Cleveland Clinic, she wanted to give back.

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Tragedy Inspires Growth

After losing her father during new hire orientation, and feeling compassion from those around her, Myra Cook knew Cleveland Clinic was the place for her nursing career. Nearly 20 years later, the experience still propels her to give back to nursing.

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