Cleveland Clinic’s caregivers work hard to put patients first and maintain our high standards of care every day. Our more than 51,000 caregivers are our most important resource, and Cleveland Clinic works equally hard to care for our caregivers. The ongoing transformation in our industry has placed additional pressure on our caregivers, both nonclinical and those working with patients. Cleveland Clinic is committed to maintaining a healthy, sustainable, safe and engaged workforce.

The Power of EVERYONE

Power of Everyone

Cleveland Clinic caregivers all share the same core mission. We care for patients, and we care for each other. We are a collective team devoted to patients. Our goal is zero preventable harm. We believe every patient deserves the same safe world-class care at every encounter. We speak up and stop the line when something is not right. The same is true when we or fellow caregivers have the potential to be harmed.

In 2016, we hosted a leadership summit for more than 3,000 Cleveland Clinic leaders. The summit’s theme was all caregivers have the power to help, heal and change lives — beginning with their own. That is the power of the Cleveland Clinic team, and The Power of Every One. We believe people do their best in a workplace where they are valued, nurtured and encouraged to achieve.  We take care of our caregivers and encourage them toward new heights of personal and professional satisfaction. In return, our caregivers make our enterprise stronger.

Caregiver Engagement

When our caregivers are engaged, our patients’ experiences improve. As we transition to a new model of healthcare, engaging our caregivers is imperative to our success. When caregivers are engaged in their work, they are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to creating a culture where quality care drives innovation and job satisfaction.

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Caregiver Safety

We are committed to the safety and well-being of our caregivers, patients and visitors. We maintain an environmental health and safety program that conforms with and/or exceeds all applicable local, state and federal environmental, health and safety standards and regulations. We provide on-going education and training to our caregivers that enables them to appropriately respond to potential acts of violence that may occur at any of our hospitals, family health centers and satellite facilities.

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Diversity and Demographics

Our diversity is our strength. We value a culture where caregivers integrate diversity and inclusion throughout the enterprise. We respect and appreciate our similarities and differences; they enable us to better serve our patients, one another and our global communities. In 2016, for the sixth year in a row we were honored to be ranked as one of DiversityInc’s top 10 hospitals and health systems.

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Workplace Wellness

Over the past nine years, we have created a comprehensive culture of wellness, enabling caregivers to take an active role in support of their own health. Our policies and programs are designed to make healthy choices easier for our caregivers, as well as offer recovery resources for those whose well-being is compromised.

Employee wellness is not only focused on individual employees, but on programs designed to impact the health of both our caregivers and our patients. For example, Gentle Yoga and Relaxation Therapy are offered to nursing and medical staff in Liver Transplant Units to reduce stress. We encourage all of our caregivers to take advantage of these programs.

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Talent Development

The success of Cleveland Clinic as a world class organization relies on our caregivers’ engagement, performance and willingness to embrace their roles as caregivers. New employees join our caregivers at every level of the organization throughout their career. Each individual has the opportunity to work in different departments and hold a variety of positions. Our goal is to create an environment where caregivers develop new skills and hone their expertise as they continue down the career path of their choice. Many of our caregivers have worked with us for decades, and we are committed to valuing their contributions and developing their careers.

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“A great place to work and grow depends on its ability to expand opportunities for its talent. At Cleveland Clinic we work to provide support in career development for all of our caregivers.”

—Eleanor Hayes, MBA, Director of Communication, Human Resources



Many Cleveland Clinic caregivers are EcoCaregivers and committed to helping the enterprise achieve our sustainability goals.

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