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MRI Review

Dedicate a day to review MRI principles and procedures. Whether you are preparing for the national registry exam or need to brush up on the basics, this course is for you!

Educational Objectives:

Upon completion of the MRI Review course, the participant will:

• Understand the importance of patient screening and the corresponding impact on patient safety in the MRI environment. 

• Recognize the various components of the MRI scanner and the function of each component.

• Define the different contrast agents used in MRI and when each one is indicated.

• Describe how the MR image is obtained, reconstructed and displayed.

• Define image quality and the impacting parameters as they relate to MRI. 

• Identify various MRI pulse sequences and their clinical usefulness.

• Understand the importance of various post-processing techniques utilized in MRI. 

• Distinguish MRI image artifacts and how to compensate for them.

• Review special procedures and advanced imaging applications used in MRI.

• Identify fundamental cross sectional anatomy as it appears in the MRI image.

Participants are expected to have experience in MRI principles and procedures.

Christine Gialousis M.Ed., MRSO, R.T.(R)(M)(CT)(MR)
CT/MRI Coordinator,
School of Diagnostic Imaging


7:30-8:00         Registration and Refreshments

8:00-8:50         MRI Equipment, Patient Care and Safety

8:55-9:45         Fundamentals of MRI

9:45-10:00       Break

10:00-10:50     Imaging Parameters

10:55-11:45     Pulse Sequences

11:45-12:15     Lunch Provided

12:15-1:05       Artifacts, Motion and Flow

1:10-2:00         Advanced Imaging Procedures

2:00-2:15         Break

2:15-3:45         Cross Sectional Anatomy Review

3:45-4:00         Question and Answer Session


The review is being held at the Euclid Hospital Health Center 

Room 306/Third floor
18901 Lake Shore Boulevard
Euclid, Ohio 44119

Ample parking is available at no additional cost.

Please click here for the MRI Review Registration brochure


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