Get answers to commonly asked questions about our annual trip to Sacred Valley, Peru. If you have additional questions, please email us.

When is the next trip?

The next trip will take place from June 8 through 27, 2015. You can participate for one to three weeks. We encourage people to stay for the entire time for the full experience and to build upon the projects.

Peru Health Outreach Project

Do I need to be fluent in Spanish?

The patients speak Spanish or a local language called Quechua. Although you do not have to be fluent, all students are required to have basic Spanish skills. There is no Spanish language requirement for physicians and other healthcare professionals. However, we strongly encourage you to study as much Spanish as you can prior to the trip to be able to provide the best care to patients.

How much does the trip cost?

Donations for the project are suggested, but you are only responsible for the cost of your travel. The estimated cost of the trip for one week is $1,500, and $2,500 for the four-week stay if you share a room with others.

Airfare: $1,000 roundtrip from U.S. to Lima, Peru, and $200 roundtrip between Lima and Cusco
Accommodations: $20-50 per night if you pay half the hotel cost as a deposit by April 1
Food: About $20 per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Who is eligible to go?

The trip is open to all healthcare professionals and students, mostly from Cleveland, Ohio. We recruit physicians in all fields to serve as medical directors and supervisors, as well as medical students, nurses and nursing students, physical therapists, optometrists, psychologists, midwives and their families. This is a student-run organization, and everyone is required to help plan the trip and build upon our medical education projects for our Peruvian patients. You are expected to attend at least one meeting a month and improve your Spanish skills.

How do I apply to participate next year?

Step 1: Join our mailing list if you haven't already
Step 2: Complete the online application
Step 3: You will be notified on the status of your application by the end of January. The decision will be made based on your clinical experience, Spanish-speaking abilities, and prior involvement in the planning of the project.

How should I purchase flights?

Plan on traveling the Saturday before the week your participation starts. We will send you the itinerary of the flight the group is taking, and you are responsible for booking and purchasing your tickets. Please make every effort to travel with the rest of the group on these flights.

Where will I stay?

You will stay in the town of Urubamba, about 20 minutes from Lamay, in a beautiful hotel called La Quinta Eco Hotel. There is wireless internet access in the common lounge. At the time of your application, you are required to indicate which weeks you are planning to participate. Based on the weeks you choose, reservations will be made for you from Sunday night of the week your participation starts to Saturday morning of your final week. You are required to pay a deposit of half the hotel cost by the first week of March.