The Design Standards have been prepared for and issued by Cleveland Clinic as a source for basic design guidelines and is intended for use by consultants and their design teams. The information contained within these standards define the different Cleveland Clinic departments and respective contact names to aid the design team during the preparation and information gathering process leading to the development of the construction documents. 
      Room Specific Guidelines

Architectural Standards

 TitleModified DateDescription
Furniture Standards12/1/2015pdf
Interior Finishes8/29/2014pdf
Millwork Details2/22/2013pdf
Millwork Specs (Laminate)3/15/2013pdf
Millwork Specs (Wood)2/22/2013pdf
Negative Isolation Room 5/10/2011pdf
Risk Reduction Standards6/21/2011pdf
Space Planning Assumptions and Guidelines7/25/2014pdf
Vibration Standards8/21/2012pdf
Computer Workstation Design Standard10/10/2014pdf
Sign Design Manual1/29/2015pdf R1-CS6
Roof Matrix 5/6/2015pdf
Attic Stock + OM Manual Requirements5/6/2015pdf
    Mechanical Standards Contact: 
    Danette Hauck | Mechanical Engineer | 216.444.6352

Mechanical Standards

 TitleModified DateDescription
Design Standards5/3/2017pdf
Design Details6/15/2012pdf
ACAD Design Details6/21/ (v2007)

Electrical Standards

 TitleModified DateDescription
Design Standards5/18/2017pdf
Design Details5/18/2017pdf
ACAD Design Details5/18/ (v2007)

Plumbing Standards

 TitleModified DateDescription
Design Standards5/19/2017pdf
Design Details10/7/2015pdf
ACAD Design Details6/25/ (v2007)

Roofing / Elevator / Loading Dock

 TitleModified DateDescription
Loading Dock Standard5/6/2015pdf
Roofing Standard5/6/2015pdf
Elevator Accessibility Guidelines10/10/2014pdf
Elevator Standard5/6/2015pdf

Fire Protection Standards

    Drawing Standards Contact: 
    Jason Geibel | Planning and Design | 216.445.2847

Drawing Standards

 TitleModified DateDescription
CC Drawing Standards11/4/2015v2.2.pdf
Life Safety Example Drawing7/29/2011dwg 2007
Life Safety Example BIM3/7/2017rvt 2012
42x30 Cover Sheet9/30/2014dwg 2007
42x30 Title Block9/30/2014dwg 2007
24x36 Cover9/30/2014dwg 2007
24x36 Title Block9/30/2014dwg 2007
BIM Implementation Plan12/30/2013pdf v1r1
BIM Specifications12/18/2013pdf v1r1
BIM Model Authoring Responsibility LOD Matrix & Key12/18/2013pdf v1r1
BIM FM - Closeout6/2/
    IT Design Standards Contact:
    Jeff Farmer | ITD | 216.444.4762

IT Design Standards

 TitleModified DateDescription
ITD Standards1/19/2016 v2.5.pdf
     Protective Services Design Standard Contact: 
     Martin Epstein | Environmental Health and Safety | 216.444.4836

Protective Services Design Standard

 TitleModified DateDescription
Protective Services Design Standard12/18/2013pdf
    Parking and Transportation Standards Contact: 
     Bill Gillen | Parking, Transportation & Fleet Services | 216.444.0937

Parking and Transportation Standards

 TitleModified DateDescription
Parking and Transportation Standards12/18/2013pdf
    Energy Standards Contact: 
    Danette Hauck | Mechanical Engineer | 216.444.6352
   Television Standards Contact: 
    James Kaletta | AV Engineer | 216.636.0122

Television Standards

 TitleModified DateDescription
Television Standards8/6/2012pdf
   Landscape Standards Contact: 
   Mario Cammarata | Administrative Program Coordinator/Grounds | 216.444.4502

Landscape Standards

 TitleModified DateDescription
Landscape Specs5/22/2013pdf