Alumni Library

How to Use Library Resources from Off-Campus

Off-Campus Access


Requirements for Off-Campus Access

Must set up a Library Account and create a Password/PIN.
Do NOT use 4Corners.  Library's resources won't connect properly.
Helpful Links: Register for Library Account |  Set up Password/PIN  | Reset your Password/PIN

Off-Campus Authentication with EZProxy

  Rollover takes about a week so some resources may still go to our old proxy --see below.
NO CHANGE to your password/PIN.  
EZProxy login screen pops up the first time you click a link restricted to Cleveland Clinic employees.     
Type your last name, employee number, and password/PIN.  Click Sign In button to go to resource.

Helpful Tips

Login information saved as long as the browser is open.  If you close the browser, you will have to login again.