Alumni Library

Find Journals

How to Find Journals 

1. Type the complete journal name including "of" and "the".
  Example: cleveland clinic journal of medicine 
2. Partial titles: type the first few words of a title to see journals that begin with those words. 
  Example: type journal of cardiac to see journals that begin with those 3 words.
3.  Title abbreviations: most abbreviations don't work!  Type the complete or partial titles instead. 
  Example: jbjs shows no results.  Type journal of bone and joint instead. 
4.  Can't find your title?  Check your spelling.  Use fewer words.  Change to "contains" instead of "begins with". 
  Example: Change to "Contains" and type bone mineral in the search box to see journals that have those two words in the title. 

How to Read Search Results 

1. Journal name appears in bold black letters.
2. Location of Cleveland Clinic Journal Shelves = print journal physically located in the Library.
3.  Online journals listed alphabetically by provider if available from several providers.
4.  Coverage years listed after the provider.
  Example: 1983 to present = journal available from 1983 to the current issue.
5.  Embargo = journal NOT available during the embargo period.
  Example: 1998 to present Embargo: (1 year) = journal available from 1998 to 1 year ago.  Not available for the past 12 months. 

Video on How to Find Journals