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Transfer from a CWRU-Affiliated Hospital


If you’re a newly appointed Cleveland Clinic professional staff member and hold a CWRU faculty appointment from a CWRU-affiliated hospital, you must transfer your appointment to CCLCM.

  • There will be no break in appointment, your current CWRU appointment will continue until the transfer is moved to CCLCM.
  • Only primary appointments can be transferred, secondary appointments will remain with CWRU.
  • As soon as you have been approved by Cleveland Clinic’s board and have your start date, you can begin the transfer process.
  • Follow the Transfer Application Instructions to get your appointment moved quickly.


Faculty Appointments at Other Universities

Only a CWRU faculty appointment can be transferred to CCLCM, not appointments from outside universities. You can apply at the rank you previously held or decide if it is time for you to move up to a higher rank; whatever you decide it will be a new appointment, not a transfer or promotion.


  • Speak with your department chair to discuss what rank your chair supports and will write a nomination letter for.
  • For help in selecting the most appropriate rank, please use our appointment requirements comparison tool.
  • As soon as you have accepted a Cleveland Clinic position and have your start date, you can begin your CCLCM application.
  • To apply, check out our Apply for Appointments or Promotions page for more information and a link to our online application in the College Portal.