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Appointments and Promotions

Apply for New Appointment or Promotion

Securing a CCLCM Appointment

Applying for a faculty appointment at CCLCM involves determining which rank is appropriate for you. You will then need to declare a "primary area of excellence:" clinical service, including clinical research; teaching; or research. Rank should be chosen based on reputation and contributions to CCLCM, teaching, research and professional service. Need help selecting the most appropriate rank? Use our Comparison Tool.

Cleveland Clinic staff based at an academic teaching center with an interest in research, teaching and professional service usually choose from the regular track (full-time) ranks:

  • Instructor
  • Assistant Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Professor
Those devoted to clinical service will choose from the clinical or adjunct track (part-time) ranks:
  • Clinical / Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Clinical /Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Clinical / Adjunct Professor

Transfers. Those moving from a CWRU-affiliated hospital are required to transfer their appointment following these transfer instructions.

All staff members must submit an online application for a non-tenure CCLCM faculty appointment. This is so CCLCM can maintain its Liaison Committee on Medical Education accreditation. We appreciate your time and service to CCLCM!

New Appointment Information

If you are applying for the first time or moving from one track to another (clinical to regular track or vice versa), you need to apply for a new appointment. Refer to the Steps to Apply for Appointment & Promotion below for details.

Promotion Information

If you want to promote within your current track (clinical/adjunct or regular), you need to apply for a promotion. Only promotions to associate professor or professor in the regular track have a yearly deadline of Jan. 31. Promotions in the clinical or adjunct track have the same appointment requirements as a new appointment but no deadlines. Refer to the Steps to Apply for Appointment or Promotion below for details.


Steps to Apply for Appointment or Promotion


Choose Faculty Rank

Use the appointment requirements comparison tool to help choose the rank that aligns with your reputation and the support of your department chair, who will write a nomination letter.

A detailed list of all requirements can be found on the appropriate worksheet:

Login and Start Application

To apply online, you will need a CCLCM Faculty Portal Login account.


Apply here through the College Portal (use Chrome or Firefox as your browser).  Please note that after you login, you will be redirected to the Faculty Application. If you don’t already have a Faculty Portal account, you will need to first secure one by following the directions on the login page.


Complete Application

Complete your application and upload the required documents, including your CV. If you are applying in the regular track, your CV will need to comply with our template format:

Find more appointment information, including CWRU policy, teaching portfolios, appeals policy and more, under the Helpful Links & Documents page.


Submit Application
Once your application is complete, you must click the “Submit Application” button. We cannot process your application until you submit it. If you click the submit button and it will not submit, please review your application to see which information or documents are missing.


If you have questions along the way, please contact CCLCM Faculty Affairs.