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Does CCLCM (College Program) accept applicants with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status?

No. CCLCM (College Program) does not currently accept students with DACA status. Eligible applicants must be US citizens, green card holders, or must hold a visa status that permits full-time enrollment in an educational institution. This latter group will be referred to as “international applicants” in the remainder of this FAQ section. 

Can international students get accepted?

Yes. One degree (bachelor, master or Ph.D.) must be earned from a school in the U.S. or Canada. The applicant must reside in the U.S. or Canada for a minimum of one year. 


Although the full-tuition scholarship is given to international students, they need to determine how they will cover living expenses particularly because non-U.S. citizens have limited financial aid available to them. Most medical schools, including the CWRU School of Medicine, require proof of payment upfront for one year. International students often take loans to cover costs, and these loans must be cosigned by a U.S. citizen.


The requirements for acceptance to medical school are listed in the Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR) handbook, which you can locate at the American Association of Medical Colleges ( We require the MCAT from all applicants. More details for acceptance into U.S. and Canadian medical schools can be found at the AAMC website.