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How does the CCLCM curriculum differ from that of most other medical schools?

From small class size and a problem-based learning approach, to a highly integrated curriculum between research, basic science and clinical training, the CCLCM curriculum is like no other.

Walk us through what a typical PBL session looks like

Dr. Hull explains how CCLCM uses progressive disclosure in PBL classes.

Curriculum review and improvement

Student feedback plays a key role in how the curriculum is assessed and improved.

Capstone course

The capstone course, which involves two weeks of skill-building exercises, helps senior medical students reinforce what was learned during their medical education and helps prepare them for becoming a first-year resident.

How students are assessed

Although CCLCM students don’t receive grades or take traditional tests, they want and need feedback on their progress. Dr. Hull explains how the assessment process works.