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Combined MD/Master's Degree

If you’re interested in a combined degree to enhance your research skills and expertise, you can coordinate earning a master's degree in selected areas with the MD curriculum. 

Most programs require three to nine extra courses, usually concentrated in the first two years, but you can receive some credit toward a master's degree from courses taken as part of the MD program. 

We encourage you to develop a thesis project that satisfies the requirements of both the MD and master's degree programs. The remaining master's degree requirements are integrated into the clinical and research program in years 3 through 5. Most master's degree programs are designed to be completed during the five-year program at no extra cost.

If you are in good standing, you can choose from several graduate programs:


  • MD/MS in Biomedical Investigation with tracks in biochemistry, clinical research scholars, informatics, epidemiology and biostatistics, nutrition, pathology, pharmacology, biochemistry, physiology and biotechnology
  • MD/MPH
  • MD/MA in Bioethics
  • MD/MS in Biomedical Engineering