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The clinical curriculum is designed to ensure that all CCLCM graduates develop broad-based clinical expertise. The program uniquely integrates patient care experiences with basic science and research beginning in year 1.

In year 1, students engage in half-day longitudinal case sessions with a primary care physician who meets individually with them every other week. In year 2, the sessions increase to weekly. Students have an opportunity to evaluate new patients and to maintain continuity with past patients during these sessions, and have a close mentoring relationship with faculty.

In year 1, student performance is observed with the goal of providing feedback on the skills being taught in the physical diagnosis and communication skills sessions.  Standardized patients participate with faculty and students in their courses.

During the research experience in years 3 through 5, students maintain their relevant clinical experience.

Hear what our students have to say about their role in patient care.

All students:

  • Work with a primary care longitudinal preceptor throughout years 1 and 2 to refine physical diagnosis and communication skills, and to longitudinally follow patients
  • Maintain patient logs to help track the breadth and depth of clinical exposure, which ensures a comprehensive experience
  • Use ongoing assessment of clinical exposure, basic science and clinical competency, and future professional interests to tailor clinical experiences to their needs and interests

These activities are supplemented with communication skills and physical diagnosis sessions using standardized patients, simulation modules and discussion of videotaped sessions with faculty.

Core clinical experience requirements during years 3 through 5 are the same for CCLCM students and students in the University Program. Students from both programs may rotate to any of the major teaching hospitals that are part of the CWRU teaching system.