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Portfolio System

Portfolio System

One of the unique core elements of CCLCM is the competency-based assessment and portfolio system. Educational portfolios are used by students to document their individual performance. This approach fosters a non-competitive learning environment where collaborative learning can thrive, and students take responsibility for self-directed learning that addresses their individual needs.

The electronic educational portfolio is evidence of students’ progress. The portfolio allows them to reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses based on the evidence they have accumulated, and to develop learning plans to improve performance. This process helps them develop the skills of self-directed learning and reflective practice.

Online assessment forms are used to collect qualitative competency-based feedback from peers and faculty. The assessments are available to students and their physician advisors immediately in the ePortfolio. The students can review the feedback, add keywords and notes, and tag the assessments for future use as evidence for specific competencies. They also can sort all their assessments by competencies, targeted areas for improvements and areas of strength.

Students share their ePortfolio with their physician advisors and work closely with them to write their formative and summative portfolios. While writing these, they use bibliography tools to cite their evidence. The uploaded portfolios can then be viewed online by the physician advisors and the promotions committee.

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