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Are students sometimes skeptical of the way we assess their progress?
At CCLCM, students don’t get grades, but they are routinely assessed. Find out how our method of assessment, which uses a portfolio system, helps build self-awareness and ultimately helps students provide excellent patient care.  
Frequently asked questions about the assessment system
Adapting to an evidence-based assessment system sometimes takes a leap of faith. Find out what students ask most often.
Components of an assessment
Assessments include specific examples of strengths and weaknesses so students know exactly where they excel and where they need to improve.
Rationale for an evidence-based assessment system
For reasons that range from team collaboration to system improvement, using an evidence-based assessment system makes sense in today’s complex healthcare environment.
What a typical portfolio looks like
Two types of portfolios — formative and summative — are used to measure progress on nine competencies.
How we know our assessment approach is successful
Find out how we measure our own success using an evidence-based assessment system.
Impact of our assessment approach on residency placement
Students often wonder how residency program directors can accurately assess a CCLCM student’s qualifications for residency without the benefit of grades.
An unforgettable remark
Find out what one fifth-year student had to say about his portfolio.