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Clinical Assessment System

Clinical Assessment System

This system integrates patient and procedure logs, and formative and summative assessments during clinical rotations at multiple sites within Cleveland and elsewhere. The system tracks the student's clinical experience and helps ensure its congruence with the learning objectives of the rotations. Students can record every educationally significant clinical encounter and their specific roles and learning points in these encounters, request and receive feedback from faculty and housestaff, and search and review this data using dynamic flexible reporting tools. 

The system maintains a database of teaching faculty at four major teaching hospitals in Cleveland and allows them one-click access to student assessment forms. Discipline and rotation leaders have extensive, up-to-date reports that allow them to scan for outliers, drill down to specifics and ensure that students are getting the experience for which the rotations were designed. 

Assessors provide within- and end-of-rotation feedback to students based on these powerful reporting tools. The system also helps CCLCM meet numerous LCME accreditation requirements during the clinical years.