Affiliation Agreements

Affiliation Agreements

All health science education affiliation agreement requests are reviewed by Health Sciences Education personnel, and the Health Sciences Education Medical Director has legal signature authority for all Health Science affiliation agreements.

Before completing the affiliation request form, please note the following:

New Agreements (i.e., no current agreement for a health science program exists between Cleveland Clinic and the academic institution) 

If the agreement request is for multiple student placements, we consider the following when approving the request:

  • Unique health science program meeting a specific workforce need of Cleveland Clinic.

If the agreement request is for a single student, we require:

  • $500 fee paid by the academic institution or by the Cleveland Clinic institute/department requesting the student placement.

The term of new affiliation agreements are defined by the length of the student’s clinical rotation (i.e., start and end dates).

Renewal Agreements (i.e., a current health science affiliation agreement exists between Cleveland Clinic and the academic institution) 

We consider the following when approving affiliation agreement requests:

  • Annual number of students placed at Cleveland Clinic facilities from the academic program.
  • Annual number of program graduates who both had clinical rotations at Cleveland Clinic facilities and were hired by Cleveland Clinic.

The term of renewed agreements (e.g., one, three or five years) may vary depending on the above.

Existing affiliation agreements can be amended to add other health science programs. Amended agreements will be approved using the criteria noted above.

For more information on amending an existing agreement, please contact Kerilyn Gillombardo at
A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a formal agreement between two or more parties. MOUs are used when Cleveland Clinic receives requests to train employees from other health systems. If you would like to request an MOU, please complete this request form.

If you have questions, please contact Roy Anderson at