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Fast Facts

See statistics and facts about our training programs, students and more.

  • 65  health science disciplines in the Cleveland Clinic health system that provide student training.
  • 2,061  health science students placed in clinical rotations at Cleveland Clinic.
    • 1,873  students placed from affiliate-based programs.
    • 188  students placed from Cleveland Clinic training programs.
    • 37.5%  of students placed at Cleveland Clinic main campus.
    • 62.5%  of students placed at Cleveland Clinic community hospitals and family health centers.
  • 146  academic institutions involved in our affiliate-based programs.
  • 29  states (including the District of Columbia) where we have affiliate-based programs.
  • 49  schools in Ohio in which we have affiliate-based programs.

These figures are for the 2014-15 academic year.