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Staff Directory

Elias Traboulsi, MD, MEd
ACGME Designated Institutional Official (DIO)>
Director, GME
Vice Chair, Division of Education
Chair, GMEC & GMEC Assessment Subcommittee or

Steven Campbell, MD, PhD
GME Associate Director
Co-Chair, GMEC Quality/Patient Safety Subcommittee
Urology Program Director

John Tetzlaff, MD
GME Associate Director
Chair, GMEC QualityProgram Improvement Plan Subcommittee

Lori Smith, MBA
Administrative Director
  •  Directs GME Department functions
  •  Provides support to the Graduate Medical Education Council (GMEC) activities
  •  Ensures compliance to federal, state and Cleveland Clinic regulations and policies as well as program accreditation requirements
  •  Acts as a resource to residents and fellows, program directors and program coordinators
  •  Directs operation of GME databases and analysis

Kathleen Bauer, MEd
Program Manager
  •  Manages information on MedHub
  •  Trains faculty, residents and fellows, and program coordinators on using MedHub

Janice M. Bianco, MA
Manager, International Physician Services
Responsible Officer, Exchange Visitor Program
  •  Serves as Responsible Officer, CCF Visitor Exchange Program
  •  Monitors employment eligibility compliance; advises CC HR and Administrators on appropriate visas for international employees
  •  Specializes in immigration law
  •  Acts as liaison with ECFMG, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Labor and immigration attorneys
  •  Manages the Visa Team work group
Lori Cesa
CCAD Physician Internship Program Manager
  •  Oversees, monitors and develops curriculum relative to the CCAD Physician Internship Program
  •  Ensures program requirements are met by reaching out to the appropriate personnel
  •  Creates and maintains interns’ schedule
  •  Schedules meetings and events relative to the program
  •  Creates and maintains tracking mechanisms in order to monitor completion of the program

Mary Katherine Curry
Assistant Manager, International Physician Services
  •  Manages GME appointment process
  •  Serves as ECFMG Training Program Liaison
  •  Serves as Alternate Responsible Officer, CCF Exchange Visitor Program
  •  Acts as liaison with USCIS, Department of State and immigration attorneys
  •  Issues Form J1 DS-2019 for research trainees
  •  Files nonimmigrant H1B research petitions
  •  Advises on visa status

Susan DeAnna
GME Compliance Manager
  •  Manages all aspects of house staff and research fellow orientations
  •  Compiles and updates Graduate Physicians Manual
  •  Tracks and reviews accuracy of employment forms for distribution to HR and Payroll Department
  •  Assures compliance of house staff to GME, institutional and government regulations and requirements

Evelyn DeLong
Education Coordinator
  •  Processes all visiting residents to Cleveland Clinic
  •  Completes verifications for state medical boards
  •  Tracks licensure for residents and fellows

Nicale English
Database Manager
  •  Manages data integrity, aids in data collection, extracts data, develops reports and assists user support of the MedHub system
  •  Serves as subject-matter expert for select MedHub functions such as access, scheduling, duty hours, reporting, learning functions, job descriptions and procedures
  •  Supports Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) for main campus
  •  Supports National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) for main campus
  •  Manages department Outlook listserve groups for program directors and coordinators

Nicole Fennell, MBA
Accreditation Specialist
  •  Manages and coordinates the activities of the GMEC QPS and PIP Subcommittees
  •  Processes PD/APD changes and new/change program applications
  •  Serves as project manager for the ACGME CLER Site Visit
  •  Provides education and consultative services regarding ACGME accreditation

  Sandra Gay-Chapman
Appointment/Onboarding Coordinator
  •  Processes and tracks all new appointments and reappointments
  •  Responsible for sending database onboarding packets and welcome information
  •  Handles onboard scheduling and data collection
  •  Triages requirement and document questions or concerns
Jennifer Haszto, MA
GME Committee Coordinator
  •  Manages and coordinates the activities of the GMEC and GMEC Assessment Subcommittee
  •  Manages the educational calendars for Drs. Traboulsi, Campbell and Tetzlaff
  •  Coordinates the Program Director/Coordinator educational meetings
  •  Compiles the Graduate Physicians Manual
Nicole Ingram
GME Department Coordinator
  •  Verifies employment for residents and fellows
  •  Manages employment verification letters for Cleveland Clinic trainees for visa, RITA, and driver's license bureau
  •  Serves as secretarial support and front desk receptionist to the GME Department
  •  Coordinates the Schroh loan process

Leslie Jordan
Education Coordinator
  •  Coordinates residency training affiliation agreements, letters of agreement and business associate agreements
  •  Manages the “processing out” (completion of training) of trainees appointed through GME
  •  Produces graduate certificates

Krista Lombardo-Klefos, MBA
Manager, Accreditation Activities
  •  Manages the accreditation activities of Cleveland Clinic ACGME training programs
  •  Provides project assistance to the DIO, GMEC and subcommittees
  •  Provides education and consultative services regarding ACGME accreditation
  •  Serves as project manager for the ACGME Pursuing Excellence grant
  •  Serves as Institutional Requirements Administrative Team (IRAT) leader
  •  Manages house staff travel requests and reimbursement

Alison Rybak
MedHub Coordinator
  •  Serves as subject-matter expert for select MedHub functions
  •  Supports National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) for main campus
  •  Supports Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) for main campus
  •  Manages department Outlook listserve groups
  •  Supports GMEtrack for main campus
  •  Serves as House Staff Association (HSA) coordinator
  •  Serves as REALL Train the Trainer Program coordinator

Anna Zulia, MEd
Project Manager/Program Liaison
  •  Serves as a liaison between main campus and health system hospitals in addition to state, federal and other medical agencies
  •  Leads health system hospitals' MedHub training initiatives
  •  Oversees GME reporting for CMS reimbursement