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"Life Happens" Video Series


This video series called “Life Happens” features Cleveland Clinic experts in a series of brief (5-10 minute) video talks that address carefully selected life-relevant topics (e.g., insurance, estate planning, investments and employment contracts) geared toward GME trainees. These videos, which were developed for our own trainees, are commercially agnostic. Please feel free to share the link.

Rob Coulton Jr.
Executive Director, Professional Staff Affairs (Retired)

Engagement 00:17
Balancing Expectations 00:58
Mentorship 1:46
Closing Remarks 2:33

Physician Recruitment

Scott Simmons
Senior Director, Professional Staff Affairs

Current Market 1:44
Timing of Job Search 2:48
Contracts 6:47
CV and Cover Letter 9:25
Interviewing 13:24
Working with Recruiters 19:25
Key Takeaways 23:29

Employment Contracts

Michael Michetti, Esq.
Executive Director, Professional Staff Affairs

Term and Termination Provisions 2:05
Non-competition, Non-solicitation and Confidentiality Provisions 5:33
Financial Matters 9:49
Pay Structures 11:48
Communicating with your Employer 15:00
Key Takeaways 16:20

Employee Health Plans

Trevor Thompson, MPA
Benefit Administrator, Total Rewards

Health Plans 00:43
Covered Services 3:50
Plan Cost Considerations 5:08
Provider Considerations 6:09
Dental Plans 6:34
Vision Plans 7:25
Flexible Spending Accounts 7:51
Health Savings Accounts 9:46

Planning for Retirement

Nancy Fisher Crum
Executive Director, Professional Staff Compensation

Employee Retirement Plans 1:52
How to Prioritize Savings 4:27
Value of Investing Early 6:26


Estate Planning

Michael Meehan, Esq.
General Counsel

Wills 1:19
Trusts 7:37
Powers of Attorney 8:06
Advance Directives 10:13
Prenuptial Agreements 10:48
Hiring an Attorney 12:07

Landlord/Tenant Law

David Sherriff, Esq.
Legal Consultant

Parties to the Lease 1:41
Lease Terms 2:05
Security Deposit 2:57
Rent 3:27
Insurance 3:51
Maintenance and Repairs 4:37
Tenant’s Obligations 5:24
Default Provisions 6:02
Vacating the Premises 7:34
Tenant Rights 8:21

Personal Debt Management

Anthony Helton, MBA
Executive Director, Finance Administration and Debt Management

Personal Credit Scores 00:14
Impacts of Poor Scores 2:55
Types of Credit 4:30
Consolidating Debt 4:48
Key Takeaways 8:35

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Charles Kolodkin, JD, MBA
Executive Director, Enterprise Risk and Insurance

Definition 00:48
What’s Covered 1:26
Who’s Covered 3:15
Policy Limits 3:47
Defense Costs 5:02
Shared or Separate Policy Limits 5:50
How Much to Purchase 6:36
Claims-made Coverage 7:37
Tail Coverage 9:53 and 13:22
Carriers 10:38
Policy Terms & Conditions 12:04


Cleveland Clinic does not provide tax, legal or financial advice. This material is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or financial advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and financial advisors before engaging in any transaction.