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Program Overview

Consider joining top healthcare executives from around the world for a transformative leadership and development immersion at Cleveland Clinic. The learning objectives include:
  • Discussing lessons, strategies and management techniques based on Cleveland Clinic's successful business model.
  • Developing a relationship with an approved Cleveland Clinic executive coach.
  • Participating in small group electives and roundtable sessions.
  • Networking with executives from Cleveland Clinic and from around the world.
  • Formulating a three-year leadership development plan. 

Discover below both the program and what attendees had to say about their experience.

Preview of the Two-week Experience

Video Overview

Attendee Testimonials

Rana Al-Jibreen, MT, MPH, Acting Director, Patient Relations

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
“I am so grateful for the opportunity to create a leadership development plan, and to have the time to reflect on my strengths and weaknesses.

I look forward to future collaboration with Cleveland Clinic and with all the participants. Although the course has come to a close, the lifelong learning and relationships have just begun.”

Ahmed Almehairbi, MBA, Supply Chain Director, Support Services

Abu Dhabi Health Services (SEHA), UAE
"I thought I was emotionally intelligent but have discovered that I’m not; not yet. You cannot be emotionally intelligent until you become fully aware of yourself, your limitations, and your comfort zone.

"I thought I was a good communicator, but I’ve learned that communication starts with active listening, which is what I still need to work on. Many of you have helped me identify my weaknesses and build on my strengths. I cannot express my sincere thanks for the insight and the support."

Aref Ali Alshehhi, MD, Director

Abu Dhabi Health Services (SEHA), UAE
“When I asked colleagues about the Samson Global Leadership Academy, they all told me it was good. I said, ‘But what’s good?’ In my country, when you say ‘good’ it means ‘not good’!

“Now that I’ve completed the program, I understand that leadership is a journey. If I had to choose one focus from the two weeks, it would be emotional intelligence. I thought I understood emotional intelligence, but my understanding has completely shifted. Know I know how to use it.

“I also didn’t understand the importance of writing a plan. Now I realize the important role a leadership plan has and how important it is to have a leadership coach.

“So much of what I thought has now shifted.”

Alexandre Colafranceschi, MD, Cardiac Surgeon

ASC Cirurgia Cardiaca, Brazil
“One of the things I’m taking away is the power of vision, not just to improve ourselves, but to improve the world. Another is the power of many. All of you have helped me to become a better leader, more than I could have done myself.”

Ranjan De Silva, Director - Strategy Execution

Apollo Hospitals Dhaka, Bangladesh
“I have already started implementing my leadership plan. I just shared my plan with two of my team members who I selected to give me feedback on my behaviours.

“I have also shared my leadership development plan with the Chairman of the board of directors of the hospital and the senior partner of my leadership consultancy and have requested coaching time from them.

“The two weeks in Cleveland was a great learning experience and a defining moment for me.”

Murtaza Ebrahimji, Financial Controller, Finance

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, UAE
“This experience taught me that I need to start listening (especially to my wife!). I thought I was a good listener, but because of the feedback I’ve gotten, I realize I need to improve. I need to apply the principles of emotional intelligence.

“I am thankful, too, for my mentor. I look forward to working with you. I know you will continue to lift me up.”

Berna Eren, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor

Istanbul Medipol University, Turkey
Dr. Eren is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge. So when the opportunity to teach presented itself, she leapt at the chance. Then, she says, she realized how much she didn’t know.

“When I heard about the Samson Global Leadership Academy, I said ‘this is my opportunity to learn from others.’ And on the first day I said, ‘I must have done something very good to deserve to be here.’

“Everyone here comes from different backgrounds and countries. Everyone has distinct ideas and insights, and everyone was willing to share and unite. I have learned a lot.

“I was content with who I was and what I was doing. But now I am going to get out of my comfort zone. I realized I need to take more challenges. I am ready now and determined to make many changes, personally and professionally.”

Manish Kohli, MD, MPH, MBA, Chief, Medical Informatics

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, UAE
"I cannot believe how well the program was run, down to the last details, from laundry and transportation on the weekends to shipping our books home.

"The eye-opener for me was emotional intelligence. Learning what emotional intelligence means to leadership was a gift.

"We were given many gifts during this program: time to reflect and gain insights about effective leadership skills, networking with this group of global colleagues, improving public speaking skills and developing a leadership plan for the future."

Jose J. Lopez, MD, MBA, Chair, Emergency Medicine

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

"It has been a great program… beyond my wildest expectations."

Dashira Martinez, MBA, Communications and Public Relations Manager

Hospital General de la Plaza de la Salud, Dominican Republic

"When I come back from this program, I will become a leader of change…I want to become a leader, not only in my organization but in my country."

Keyur Parikh, MD, Chairman

Care Institute of Medical Science Hospital, India
Dr. Parikh built a state-of-the-art full-service hospital in India. The hospital subscribes to “3 Cs”: compassion, courtesy and competence.

“At the Samson Global Leadership Academy I discovered the importance of two additional Cs: collaboration and courage.

“With collaboration, goals are easier to achieve. And if you have the courage to change, you can bring the change.

“My hospital in India will now have five Cs!”

Judy Prewitt, DNP, RN, Associate Chief Nursing Officer

Duke University Health System, USA

"The biggest ‘Aha’ moment for me during these past two weeks was looking not only at how you lead but where you want to take your leadership, what you want to leave behind."

Francois Van Zyl, Senior Director, Finance

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

"This course was structured in a way that synthesized all the components that make a great leader. I think I was exposed to a lot of the concepts previously, but this was the first time that I saw how each one plays a role in developing you as a leader."