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Samson Academy Alumni

The executives who attend the Samson Academy typically are C-level / C-suite executives and high-potential managers and directors. These executives are interested in advancing their career and making a positive difference in their organization. 

The Samson Academy attracts executives from around the world who are grateful not only for the opportunity to develop a new perspective, but also to gain a new global community of colleagues with whom they can stay connected.


Class of October 2013

Back Row: Ashraf Alzaabi, MD (United Arab Emirates); James Stoller, MD, MS (Cleveland Clinic); Nasser Al Khamis (United Arab Emirates); Mohammed Shihadeh (United Arab Emirates); Ravi Nair, MD (United Arab Emirates); Sara Ismail-Beigi, MOD (Cleveland Clinic)

Middle Row: Malek Almoosa (Saudi Arabia); Ferhat Kutlucan (Turkey); Maher Abbas, MD (United Arab Emirates); Chairat Panthuraamphorn, MD (Thailand); Peter Giammalvo, PhD (United States); Christina Barss, MS, MEd (Cleveland Clinic); Carol Farver, MD, MS (Cleveland Clinic)
Front Row: Monica Gangwar (Cleveland Clinic); Enas Alkhadra, DDS, MBA (Saudi Arabia); Rachel Shmueli, LLM, MBA (Israel); Sunita Varghees, MD, PhD (United States)


Class of April 2013

Back Row: Sara Ismail-Beigi, MOD (Cleveland Clinic); James Stoller, MD, MS (Cleveland Clinic); Abdulrahman M Al-Aulaqi, MD (United Arab Emirates); Keyur Parikh, MD (India); Dustin Worth, DO (United States); Alexandre Colafranceschi, MD (Brazil); Saud Alraqraq (Saudi Arabia); Ahmed Almehairbi, MBA (United Arab Emirates); Iftikhar Ahmad, MD (United Arab Emirates); Carol Farver, MD, MS (Cleveland Clinic); Aref Alshehhi, MD (United Arab Emirates); Abdullah Al Naeemi, MD (United Arab Emirates)

Front Row: Murtaza Ebrahimji, BSC, ACA, (United Arab Emirates); Ranjan De Silva (Bangladesh); Manish Kohli, MD, MPH, MBA (United Arab Emirates); Rana Al-Jibreen, MT, MPH (Saudi Arabia); Abdullah Thabit, MT, MBA, EPSF (Saudi Arabia); Erdal Aksoy, MD, MBA (Turkey); Berna Eren, MD, PhD (Turkey); Christina Barss, MS, MEd (Cleveland Clinic) Monica Gangwar (Cleveland Clinic)


Class of October 2012

Back Row: Christina Barss, MS, MEd (Cleveland Clinic); Sara Ismail-Beigi, MOD (Cleveland Clinic); Bashir Sankari, MD (United Arab Emirates); James Stoller, MD, MS (Cleveland Clinic); Greisy Concepcion (Dominican Republic); Dominic Venne, MD, MSc (United Arab Emirates); Imran Mirza, MD (United Arab Emirates); Iwao Yamakami, MD (Japan); Mohamed Noshi, MD (United Arab Emirates)

Front Row: Caryl Hess, PhD, MBA (Cleveland Clinic); Aisha Al Shamsi, PhD (United Arab Emirates); Hasan Kus, MD, MA (Turkey); Antonio Briceno, MD (United States); Michelle Hazim (Dominican Republic)


Class of April 2012

Back Row: Rajkumar Patil, MD (India); Moulay Meziane, MD (United Arab Emirates); Jose Lopez, MD, MBA (United Arab Emirates); Jeffrey Chapman, MD (United Arab Emirates); Santosh Kakade, MD (India); Aminu Mai, MD (Nigeria); Sara Ismail-Beigi, MOD (Cleveland Clinic)

Front Row: Huseyin Cagil, MD (Turkey);  Ali Khalil, MD (United Arab Emirates); Omar Alsheikh (Saudi Arabia); James Stoller, MD, MS (Cleveland Clinic); Judy Prewitt, DNP, RN (United States); Dashira Martinez, MBA (Dominican Republic); Caryl Hess, PhD, MBA (Cleveland Clinic); Monica Gangwar (Cleveland Clinic); Pamela Edwards, EdD, MSN, RN (United States)


Class of October 2011

Back Row: Nao Shibanuma, MD (Japan); Rifaat Charafeddine, MBA (Qatar); Ilian Grigorov, MS (Bulgaria); Anthony Schuster, MD, MBA (United States); Imran Chaudhry, MS (California); Hisham Alhammadi, MD (United Arab Emirates); Omar Al Naqbi (United Arab Emirates); Sara Ismail-Beigi, MOD (Cleveland Clinic)

Middle Row: Raghdah Al-Bualy (Cleveland Clinic); James Stoller, MD, MS (Cleveland Clinic); Takashi Maki, MS (Japan); Massimo Ferrigno, MD (United Arab Emirates); Mouza Al Suwaidi, MD (United Arab Emirates); Nobuyuki Ura, MD, PhD (Japan); John Hurley, MD (Ireland)

Front Row: Hussain Saadi, MD (United Arab Emirates); Janice McFadden, MSN (United States); Patricia Vignetta, RN (France); Caryl Hess, PhD, MBA (Cleveland Clinic)