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Program Overview

The Executive Visitors’ Program is open to healthcare executives throughout the world, including physicians, nurses and administrators who currently function or aspire to function as a senior executive for a healthcare organization or in a related industry.

View the Executive Visitors' Program brochure and discover more about the program and learn what some of our past attendees had to say below.

Preview of the Three-day Experience

Video Overview

Attendee Testimonials

Kevin Wardell, President

Norton Hospital, Louisville, Kentucky

"The Executive Visitors’ Program is a learning opportunity … it’s very informal and small, and you really get a chance to both network with other people who are here and learn from the other attendees as well as those who are presenting. They’ve been extremely accommodating and extremely open to the kinds of questions that we may have, and you learn as much or more during the questions as you do during the presentations."

George Weinroth, Chief Operating Officer

Cooper University Hospital, Camden, New Jersey

"The experience has given me a great deal of things to ponder and a great deal of things to evaluate in relation to the culture of our own institution. What I am going to take away from here is the thought process behind how we conduct ourselves within the management in our own institution."

Aleksandar Salamatov, MD, Medical Director

CMT Advanced Medical Technologies, St. Petersburg, Russia

"The Executive Visitors’ Program is a very well developed course, and every single presenter has been very helpful and unique."

Dennis Swan, President and CEO

Sparrow Hospital, Lansing, Michigan

"The program offers an inside look at the Cleveland Clinic, obviously a great reputation and all of that, but it's the behind-the-scenes look — people are open, they're honest, they're transparent here.... If you can learn from the best, take that back and cultivate it locally, we're all better off. It's just great that the Cleveland Clinic will open its doors this way."