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Adrienne Boissy, MD, MA

Chief Experience Officer
Dr. Boissy is a leader in patient experience and healthcare provider communication

Topics: Patient Experience | Provider Communication

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Kelly Hancock, MSN, RN, NE-BC

Executive Chief Nursing Officer, CCHS and Chief Nursing Officer, Main Campus
20-year veteran in healthcare and prominent nursing leader at a Magnet Status hospital

Topics: Transformational Leadership | Servant Leadership | Magnet and the Impact on Workforce | Nursing Recruitment and Retention | Nursing Quality | Wellness | Patient Experience

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C. Martin Harris, MD, MBA

Chief Information Officer
Using IT strategically and effectively is the prescription for improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs

Topics: Healthcare Management | Healthcare Technology | Medical Informatics | Healthcare Information and Management Systems | eHealth Trends and Innovations 

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Joan Kavanagh, MSN, RN

Associate Chief Nursing Officer, CCHS
Joan Kavanagh ensures that the right nurses are matched to the right jobs and that professional development keeps them engaged

Topics: Nursing and Faculty Shortage | Competency Assessment | Nursing as a Career | Simulation in Nursing Education | Preparation to Practice Gap | Orientation 

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Paul Matsen

Chief Marketing Officer
Paul Matsen oversees one of the most recognizable healthcare brands in the world

Topics: Brand Strategy | Digital and Social Media | Building Brand in Healthcare | Healthy Metrics | Marketing in a Digital World

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William Peacock, MS

Chief of Operations
Mr. Peacock oversees Cleveland Clinic's 46 buildings in Cleveland, as well as its buildings in Canada, Florida, Nevada and Abu Dhabi

Topics: International Operations | Healthcare Real Estate and Development | Sustainable Healthcare | Architecture | Cleveland Clinic Strategy for Growth 

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Shannon Phillips, MD, MPH

Quality and Patient Safety Officer
Healthcare audiences are eager to learn how metrics, performance improvement and outcomes can help ensure the success of an organization

Topics: Quality and Patient Safety | Culture of Safety | Leadership: Role of a Leader to Develop Culture | Leading by Influence 

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Michael F. Roizen, MD

Chief Wellness Officer; Chair, Wellness Institute
Reveals how to stay fit, the right way to diet, and how to control your genes, choose the right supplements and keep the brain healthy

Topics: The Cleveland Clinic Experience in Bending the Cost Curve: How Social Media has Buttressed Other Technologies | Changing Health | Caregiver Stress | Top 12 Things You Can Do For Your Health 

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Eileen M. Sheil, MPA

Executive Director, Corporate Communications
From working with the media and communicating with transparency, to crisis communications, learn why communication cannot be underestimated

Topics: Communication Strategy | Working with the Media | Communication Ethics | Crisis Communications | Organizational Transparency

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James K. Stoller, MD, MS

Chair, Education Institute
Cleveland Clinic's leading expert on physician leadership development offers provocative ideas and new perspectives to your audience

Topics: Physician Leadership | Leadership in Healthcare | Developing Physician Leaders

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Robert Wyllie, MD

Chief Medical Operations Officer
Inspires leaders to use business intelligence and continuous improvement tools to boost operational efficiencies and drive down costs

Topics: Continuous Improvement | Cost Reduction | Service Line Performance Management | Length of Stay Initiatives | Operating Room Management | Efficiency in Health Care 

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Lisa Yerian, MD

Medical Director, Continuous Improvement Director, Hepatobilliary Pathology; Assistant Professor of Pathology
An expert in continuous improvement in healthcare and continuous improvement tools including business intelligence dashboards

Topics: Leading Change and Organizational Culture | Continuous Improvement in Healthcare | Organizational Learning and Improvement | Application in Continuous Improvement Principles

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James Young, MD

Executive Dean, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University; Chairman, Endocrinology & Metabolism Institute
Expert in Cleveland Clinic institute structure, model of care and medical student education

Topics: Institutes and the Model of Organizational Care | Cleveland Clinic Model of Care | The Evolution of Academic Medical Centers and the Changing Imperatives of the Future

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