Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

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  • All prerequisites must be met before students are approved for the rotation. All core rotations must be complete AND you must be a final-year medical student when you are scheduled to participate in the rotation.
  • Malpractice Insurance  Most medical schools will provide a certificate of insurance. If your school does not provide malpractice insurance for you on "away" electives, please be sure to provide proof of insurance with the application. You will not be approved without documentation that you have malpractice insurance.
  • Immunizations  You need to provide proof of the following immunizations along with the application form:
    • Td: Preferably TDaP within 10 years
    • Polio: Primary series; date of last booster
    • PPD within one year of the start date
    • Varicella (chickenpox): Date of illness or two vaccines
    • MMR: Dose #1 at 12 months or later and before five years; dose #2 at five years or later
    • Hepatitis B: Three vaccines at specified intervals
    • Annual flu vaccine 
    • Urine Drug Screening
  • Health Insurance  Proof of health insurance must be provided with the application form. Cleveland Clinic does not provide health insurance to visiting students.
  • Medical School Approval  The school is to provide a letter of good academic standing and approval of the elective for credit. 
  • Background Check  You are required to provide a copy of a criminal background check completed within one year of the requested start date of the rotation. The check must be completed by a Federal or Local agency with an authorized deputy/registrar signature. 
  • Fee  Effective Jan. 1, 2014, a $120 application processing fee is required from all visiting students applying for electives. The fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and is not dependent on receiving or accepting an offer. The fee is to be paid and copy of payment receipt is to be included with the application form.
International Students

Medical students who do not meet the prerequisites to apply for an elective may apply as an Observer. Observers do not receive academic credit for the rotation. Apply through the Center for International Medical Education or email


  • Passing score on the USMLE Step I. This exam is not waived and is required for all medical students. A score of 220 for Medicine rotations and 240 for Surgical rotations will be required
  • Demonstrated proficiency in written and spoken English (TOEFL exam)
  • Support letter from the Dean of the international medical school indicating you are in the final year and meet all requirements to complete an elective for academic credit
  • Copy of criminal background check completed by a Federal or Local agency with authorized signature, health insurance, malpractice liability insurance, and updated immunization record including a urine drug screening
  • Copy of your Curriculum Vitae