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Student Services


Below are just some of the most common services available to help support our students, personally and academically. If there's something you need as a student here, we strongly encourage you to ask. 


Parking and Transportation

Parking Permit  If you plan to drive to school, you will need a parking permit. As well, you may need a car to get to and from your longitudinal clinic sites. You will sign up for parking during orientation. 

Note that you will need your ID badge to enter and exit the lot to which you are assigned, and you are responsible for any parking tickets if you park in an unauthorized lot.

Shuttle Service  Cleveland Clinic operates free shuttles to and from off-campus parking lots as well as around campus. Learn more here

Medical Insurance/Student Health

The Case Western Reserve University Student Medical Plan is offered to all students. This insurance plan is optional.

If you have other insurance coverage and elect to waive the Student Medical Plan, you must complete a Student Medical Plan Online Waiver for each semester that you are waiving coverage. If you don't waive coverage by the deadline each semester, you will automatically be enrolled in the Student Medical Plan.

Use the University Health Service website as a resource for the Student Medical Plan, as well as for health and wellness care, medical assistance and health information relevant to young adults.

If you have questions or want more information, contact the University Health Service at 216.368.2450.

Student Advising

Our faculty identified close mentoring and advising relationships as critical for their own career development, and they designed the advising system to help ensure that students have multiple opportunities to develop such relationships.

Each student is assigned a physician advisor at the beginning of medical school. The advisor serves as the student’s partner in navigating and mastering the curriculum throughout all five years. Four students are assigned to each advisor in Year 1, providing ample time for the advisors to meet with students in groups or individually on an informal basis and to fulfill their formal role in the assessment process.

Students select an advisor for their master’s level research project, on which they will spend 12 to 15 months during the last three years of medical school.

Students who experience personal or academic difficulty may self-refer or be referred by their physician advisor to the Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs for help in identifying resources for academic tutoring, personal counseling or other assistance.


Cleveland Clinic Alumni Library   Primary library support is provided by the Cleveland Clinic Alumni Library. Library staff are eager to help students to effectively use library resources and services. Students have access to numerous electronic resources including electronic books, electronic journals and databases, in both medical and non-medical subjects.

The library offers comfortable seating as well as numerous study carrels with power and network drops. Four study rooms are reserved for CCLCM and are available for walk-in student use unless otherwise reserved for CCLCM groups. A number of additional rooms (seating two to four people) are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Cleveland Clinic is a member of OhioLINK, a statewide resource-sharing of some 84 Ohio academic institutions including the other medical schools in Ohio. Students can use OhioLINK to request materials from other libraries, with convenient pickup and drop off in the Alumni Library. Cleveland Clinic also shares resources through several other local and regional consortia.

Cleveland Health Sciences Library  The library comprises the Health Center Library and the Allen Memorial Library, which includes the Dittrick Medical History Center and the collections of the Cleveland Medical Library Association. The Health Center Library, which is located in the CWRU School of Medicine, houses collections of the CWRU Department of Biology and the schools of Dentistry, Medicine and Nursing.

The Kelvin Smith Library is the main CWRU library and houses materials with an emphasis on arts and sciences, engineering and management. The Kulas Music Library in Hayden Hall and the Astronomy Library in the Sears Building are part of the Kelvin Smith Library.

Matthews Medical Bookstore

Students sometimes need to purchase small medical instruments. You can order some of these items online from Matthews Medical Bookstore.  

If you have questions, call 800.633.2665 and ask for Customer Service.

Disability Services

Use Case Disability Resources for information about registering with the office, policies and procedures, and information on disabilities from attention deficit-hyperactive disorder and learning disabilities to visual impairments and Asperger's syndrome.

Useful Phone Numbers

Emergencies (Cleveland Clinic) 216.444.2222
Security (CWRU Campus) 216.368.3333
Police (Cleveland Clinic non-emergency) 216.444.2250

Allen Memorial Medical Library (CWRU) 216.368.3640
Alumni Library (Cleveland Clinic) 216.444.5697
CWRU 216.368.2000
Cashier’s Office (CWRU) 216.368.4276.
Cleveland Clinic Operator 216.444.2200
CCLCM 216.445.7435
Financial Aid 216.445.7429
Fitness Center (Cleveland Clinic) 216.444.8765
Health Center Library (CWRU) 216.368.3218
ID Badge (Cleveland Clinic) 216.444.1208
Infection Control 216.444.5194
Key Bank Cleveland Clinic Campus Branch 216.444.2720
Matthews Bookstore 216.445.2800
Needlestick Injuries 216.445.0742
Occupational Health 216.444.1052
One-to-One Fitness Center 216.368.1121
Paging from outside Cleveland Clinic 216.464.8410
Parking (Cleveland Clinic) 216.444.2255
Radiation Safety 216.444.6645
Registrar 216.368.6137
Technical Support 216.444.0373
Thwing Bookstore (CWRU) 216.368.2650