Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

of Case Western Reserve University

About the College

About the College

The Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine offers an innovative medical school program with a mission to train physician investigators. From admissions criteria and supportive financial aid, to curriculum design and student assessment, every aspect of CCLCM is focused on helping students develop the skills of self-directed learning critical for success as both a physician and an investigator.



College Overview

The program is unique in several other ways:

  • Five years are needed to accommodate
    the research and master's level research
    thesis requirement
  • Limit of 32 students per class
  • Problem-based curriculum
  • Portfolio-based assessment
  • Full tuition scholarship for all students
  • No lectures, grades or class ranking

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In addition to a solid medical and science curriculum, students benefit from an emphasis on medical humanities, designed to spark an appreciation for the ethical, historical and human aspects of medicine. Opportunities for community service complement their humanities education. 

CCLCM is a partnership between Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University. Read more about the
partnership here.