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Do You Have a Plan for Your Future?

This website was designed to help you in your lifelong career planning journey, by offering tools to align your skills with your interests, tips on interviewing techniques, and guidance on setting short and long-term goals and developing a career plan. Caregivers who are actively engaged in living up to their full career potential contribute to building a positive Cleveland Clinic Experience for themselves, their coworkers – and for the patients we serve.

Career Planning Steps

What is Career Planning?

Career Planning consists of activities and actions that you take to achieve your individual career goals. Career Planning is an ongoing process where you:

  • Explore your interests and abilities
  • Strategically plan your goals
  • Create your future work success by designing learning and action plans to help you achieve your goals

Who is Responsible for Planning Your Career?

You have the lead responsibility for planning your career. Supervisors, managers and other support can provide you with meaningful assistance in this process.

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